New York

High performance computing platforms

The ability to:

  • Simulate processes
  • Visualize large volume of data
  • Generate predictions
  • Mine data
  • Design prototypes
  • Write blueprints
  • Produce extensive reports
  • Or analyze data in general
and the data themselves, are among the most precious assets of a modern enterprise.

Hardware components of a cost effective High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. Data processing server, storage array, tape library, workstations, and high speed interconnect.

The above tasks and related data management necessitate a performant computational infrastructure. Putting in place such infrastructure, including support an regular upgrades necessary to meet the processing needs of the modern enterprise, can be quite expensive. Now the availability of Open Source software like the LINUX operating system is changing this landscape. High end computational systems are now much more accessible. It is possible to build data processing servers with micro-computer based boards, and interconnect them with high speed links, all running under LINUX. Furthermore the great majority of vendors of peripherals now offer LINUX drivers, such that it is possible to build an entire computational infrastructure with off the shelves component.

We have the necessary expertise to:

  1. Assess the computational needs of your enterprise
  2. Select the HPC components in relation to your needs
  3. Install the computational infrastructure
  4. And support it
We provide a warranty on the service. This means that after we established the enterprise needs and formulated an agreement, we guarantee the infrastructure will meet the specifications formulated in the agreement. All components have a 3 year warranty. If the need is manifested, we offer after sale support like the system administration of the computational infrastructure, or the training of on-site personnel for on-site support. In addition, we regularly offer system administration classes on LINUX/UNIX for on-site personnel who desire to further their expertise. See our brochure for more details on the services