New York

Anticipated internships for the summer period of 2019

Bioengineer. Cellular electrophysiology

We are seeking Bioengineers with expertise in cellular electrophysiology to advance our line of products and services on cell line characterization. Once a cell line is characterized with our proprietary method we can reproduce, with a computer model, its electrical activity under various conditions. This includes the simulation of traveling waves in tissue. Such simulations constitute a very powerful tool in Medicine. Specifically by predicting the tissue response to external electrical stimulation we can prototype a wide range of medical devices. Similarly with drugs, quantifying how a drug alter time- and voltage-dependent tissue conductances we can evaluate its therapeutic benefits and/or adverse effects with great precision. To this, we should add that our product & service lines is cost effective for our customers because it application reduces the number of animal experiments required in a design process.

See Cellular electrophysiology for more details on the above position

Bioengineer or Electrical engineer. Electric power transmission

Our company essentially offers products and services to Medical and Pharmaceutical enterprises. Among other activities we model traveling electrochemical waves in tissue and are credited for our expertise in field theory applied to biological problems. Lately we have come to realize that this expertise could be applied to many other engineering disciplines, among them the modeling & simulation of Electric Power Transmission on overhead and underground lines. Confident we can address current limitations in power transmission, namely the reliability and stability of large distribution networks, we initiated technology transfer in that direction. We are seeking engineers \& scientists interested to contribute to such transfer. The applicant will perform modeling \& simulation of power transmission on wires and grids with our software suite in order to document their performance.

See Electric power transmission for more details on the above position

Interested? Follow the steps under Openings. --Register--, --Sign in--, and --Apply--. You will need a cover letter, a resume, and the name of at least 2 references we can contact.