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Contractor registration form

Register: Enter the contractor identification with at least the nane of one account manager authorized to pay invoices. For the primary contact just enter all information but the password. Then press Register. The request will be processed by an administrator. You will receive an acknowledgement of the request followed by another Email when the registration is completed with a password for the primary contact. This one will be allowed to modify the information on file, including making any changes to the secondary contact

Retrieve: To retrieve information on file for a contactor. The primary contact enters his login name and password, and the press Retrieve

Update: Information on file for a contractor can be modified by the primary contact. After the information is retrieved (see above). Edit it, and the press Update. Information on the secondary contact can be changed. The login name of the primary contact can never been changed. If this is desired submit an new registration request, and use the description field to indicate the naure of the change. If the login name of the secondary contact is changed, we treat it as a new contact, and the old contact is deleted from the system.

Add contact: Only the primary contact can add a secondary account manager. Use the update button for this operation (see above)

NB: gray fields are not required. There are no login here since permissions are checked at each execution. Thus you are automatically logged out when you leave the page

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